Family Counseling

All families experience transitions and sometimes confront stressful difficulties that seem impossible to overcome. At the same time, families are incredibly resilient and have the capacity to reach deep into their resources and change their negative circumstances, especially with the assistance and support of a skilled counselor. When problems arise, Portland Wellness Counseling is dedicated to helping families correct their course with love, limits and guidance.

As your therapist, my role is to facilitate a space for compassionate communication where each family member can learn to identify their needs, feel comfortable expressing their feelings and engage in healthy dialogue to accomplish a more harmonious balance.

Common Family Challenges

  • Adoption and reintegration
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Blended families
  • Child/parent conflict
  • Difficulty between adult children
  • Divorce and other life transitions
  • Parenting concerns
  • Problem behaviors and emotional hardship
  • Teenage struggles
  • Trauma and grief

Common Benefits of Family Counseling

  • Ability to move toward healing from current or past traumas
  • Enhanced understanding of the roles and dynamics in your family
  • Greater knowledge and skill set to work through future family conflicts
  • Increase in positive interactions and desirable behaviors
  • Improved ability to communicate effectively
  • Renewed connection
  • Reduced conflict at home, school, and work